About us

Midland Expressway Ltd is a respected name in toll road infrastructure. We are the constructors and operators of the UK’s first and only privately funded and maintained motorway, the M6toll.

From the outset, our goal has been to provide evidenced expertise in the design and operation of successful toll road infrastructure – delivering effective pricing models and actionable solutions to the ‘roads trilemma’ challenges of boosting connectivity; decarbonising the road network; and maintaining tax revenues.

Since its opening in 2003, our road has provided over £1billion of critical national infrastructure, all at no cost to the public purse and delivered on all of its strategic promises.

Midland Expressway has been owned by IFM Investors since 2017, one of the few truly aligned fund managers in the world. IFM is a company that believes in bold, long-term and sustainable investment commitments and strategies aimed at creating and delivering positive benefits in people’s lives.

Strategically located at the centre of the UK motorway network, the M6toll’s arrival in 2003 was a welcome addition to tackling the congestion issues that had seriously impacted business growth in the Midlands region – and the wider UK. The M6toll is the route of choice for 15-18million journeys per year. As part of those journeys the road facilitates national north to south freight across the UK minimising the flow of HGV traffic through the crowded urban M6 corridor, including congested local routes.

Download your copy of M6toll: a regional and national economic catalyst.

A report prepared for Midland Expressway (MEL) to find out how M6toll has delivered its objectives - serving as an effective route through the congested West Midlands and improving the UK's connectivity.

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